Donald Henry Gaskins – The Hitchhikers’ Killer

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The Mind of a Serial Killer

The Hitchhikers KillerThe way people are brought up has a lot to do who they become in their future. Some people may take a rough childhood and make it an excellent future.

This was not the case for the most dangerous serial killer that America has ever known, Donald Henry Gaskins. He believed that his mind allowed him to kill and he claimed that he was like God with the power to take away lives at his will.

Donald Henry Gaskins

Born in a fatherless home, Gaskins was a victim of assaults from various men that his mother married. Contrary to what he expected, which was a father figure, Gaskins always got disappointed with the men beating him up and his four siblings through his childhood.

At the age of 58, Donald Henry Gaskins, an American serial killer was sentenced to death for his crime against the state. The cause of death which was inflicted by the law was the electric chair.

This was after subsequent arrests for various criminal offenses. He was referred to as the most dangerous man in America.

Donald confessed to his crimes of killing up to ninety individuals. His methods were; stabbing, suffocation, mutilation, and cannibalism. In his autobiography, he admitted to having the feeling to kill at least one person every 10th day of the month.

The Hitchhikers’ Killer

In the early 1970’s Donald’s method to find victims for his spree of serial killing was picking up unsuspecting hitchhikers in South Carolina highway.

For the hitchhikers’ killings, he referred to the act as recreation, contrary to the murder of the people he knew which he referred to as severe murders.

He tortured his victims by cannibalizing them and forcing them to engage in the act, and finally killing them. Donald was not bothered by his killings and neither did he feel guilty, as he was proud of what he did.

His consequent killings led to his several arrests from which he escaped from prison when arrested. Once, he jumped off from the second floor of a building during a trial. When Donald finally admitted to his crimes, he was sentenced to death and died in 1993.

After years of living in fear, the citizens of South Carolina could now live in peace. Donald Henry Gaskins was out of the picture, and so were their nightmares.

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