Donny Guy – Follow the Trail of Paper to Catch a Thief

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North Carolina provides a comedic story of how a criminal name Donny Guy became famous for leaving a complete path for police to find him. At 11:30 in May of 2009, the alarm to Captain Galley’s Seafood in Hickory, North Carolina went off and police were dispatched to the restaurant.

Hickory, North Carolina is your standard rural southern town, an occurrence such as this is something that the town would remember for a while.  A security camera provided footage of the entire incident. The invader walked in and attempted to steal two cash registers at one time and was unable to do it.

The registers are plugged in, so the thief cannot pull them up. While struggling to get the registers, a roll of cash register tape falls out of the register and rolls under a chair without him noticing.

The rolls of paper

The thief, Donny Guy, finally manages to get the registers unplugged, but he knocks candy and paper off the counter along with another cash register roll without noticing. As the man leaves Captain Galley’s, the rolls of paper are dragging behind him, unraveling with every step.

Police were able to follow the trail of paper from the restaurant right to where the man was at. Police heard loud banging noises inside of where the cash paper led them and they came to find the thief attempting to open the register with a screwdriver.

Police ordered the man to drop the screwdriver and come outside, in which Donny Guy responded by slamming and locking the door.  Upon police backup, the apartment was entered and the suspect was found trying to hide under a couch.

A pretty comical occasion

In response to the attempted burglary, the owner of Captain’s Galley said he was mad at first, but since catching the thief and watching the video, he looks back on it as a pretty comical occasion. Donny Guy goes down to live in infamous criminals as he successfully created a physical path for police to follow in order to catch him.

The Hickory newspaper does not give any background to Guy’s personal or criminal life, so perhaps he just needed some funds for something and he needed it fast.

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