Murder at the Burger Chef

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murder at a burger restaurantFast Food Restaurant Becomes a Homicide Crime Scene

In Speedway, Indiana, the town that fittingly is famous for the Indianapolis Speedway, one of the most famous criminal acts in Indiana history took place. The year was 1978, and the location was a local Burger Chef fast food location.

Shortly after the time that Burger Chef closed for the night, an employee that wasn’t working that night went by the restaurant to see the 4 coworkers that were supposed to be there at the time. Upon their arrival, the off duty employee noticed the back door was open, but the restaurant was empty.

The off duty employee notified police, but the police did not take up the case as a serious threat right away because the loss was only $500 and there weren’t any signs of violence at the Burger Chef. Most people chalked up the missing cash to a theory that the four employees used it to go out after working that night.

The next morning, the four employees did not show up, and people began to take the incident more seriously. It wasn’t until the day after that the employees were found, but unfortunately they had been murdered. The bodies were found by hikers in the woods over twenty miles away from the Burger Chef location.

There are various theories that try to explain what exactly took place that night in Speedway. The most likely scenario, according to investigators, is that the Burger Chef was the target for a simple robbery, but that the attempt was foiled to the point the invaders were identified by the employees, which left the suspects with the feeling there was no choice but to rid themselves of the witnesses.

An eyewitness account was given that there were indeed two suspicious men outside the Burger Chef that night, but no successful leads were ever fruitful to the investigation. The Indiana State Police have left the case open, but police have not been able to track down the Burger Chef Murderer(s).

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