Richard Lee Hill against an Ice Cream Truck

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Richard Lee Hill Commits a Crime against an Ice Cream Truck

ice-cream truckOne famous case that made headlines in South Carolina deals with an incident involving an ice cream truck. Ice cream trucks have long fallen suspect to a creepy interpretation, perhaps because of their frequent connection with clowns. We all know stories of criminals that have made their reign of terror from inside the ice cream truck, but this story deals with crime against the ice cream truck committed by an enraged person called Richard Lee Hill.

In September of 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina, ice cream truck driver Lisa Moorer was driving her routes of ice cream delivery and stopped upon realization of a group of kids running at the truck while hearing yelling. We have to gather that this would be a common occurrence in her type of work, after all the saying goes “we all scream for ice cream.” One thing about the yelling , though, is that it did not sound like something the kids would be yelling. Whereas the kids would be yelling about what type of ice cream they wanted and whether they wanted it in a cup or a cone, the yelling was laden with profane words.

A gun against ice cream

The verbal attacks were attributed to a 59-year-old man by the name of Richard Lee Hill, who was for some reason, enraged at the site of the ice cream truck being in the neighborhood. He proceeded to the van and then decided it would be a good move pull a gun as he approached it. The driver immediately sped off when she realized what was going on. Police were dispatched to Hill’s home after receiving news of what went down with the ice cream truck. Upon arrival of the police, the old criminal surrendered immediately and apologized.

Richard Lee Hill did not give reasoning for his armed charged towards and ice cream truck but admitted that what he did was a mistake. He was charged with pointing and presenting a firearm and was released on $2,500 bail. The ice cream industry had never seen such a hostile reaction to their business until this incident occurred.

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