Ted Kaczynski – Mailing Bombs to People

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Ted Kaczynski

Ted Kaczynski

One of the most famous criminals in American history is man by the name of Ted Kaczynski, a man from suburban Chicago and most famous for his bombings.

As the surname would indicate, Kaczynski is of Polish descent, and he is among a third generation of Polish-Americans.

Beginning at a young age, Ted Kaczynski was ahead of those around him on an intellectual level. He was tested in the fifth grade and returned an IQ reading of 167, which enabled him to skip to seventh grade. While his mental capacities allowed him to be successful academically, it also brought social hardships for him in the form of bullying from older classmates.

Kaczynski continued to be successful in the classroom in high school, but after growing bored withhigh school level mathematics, he became obsessed with even higher level mathematics.

Ted Kaczynski would end up graduating high school at age 15, and soon enrolled in to Harvard University at age 16. He graduated Harvard at age 20 and went on to gain his PhD in mathematics at the University of Michigan.

Upon completion of his PhD, he became a professor at the University of Cal-Berkley, but his tenure there was short lived after he received continual negative feedback from students.

Following the brief tenure at Cal-Berkley, he moved to Montana and worked odd jobs to make just enough to support himself. He became interested in learning survival skills in order that he may be “autonomous.”

After watching development projects take more and more land and natural resources for the sake of industry, He swore for revenge.

The bombs campaign

Kaczynski then began his famous campaign in which he developed and mailed bombs to various individuals. He targeted a variety of people, but something that commonly brought the victims together was that they were in positions of education in university systems.

Once an FBI search had been launch, Kaczynski’s brother – David-  began growing suspicious of Ted as the potential “Unabomber” as he was called.

The FBI found the Unabomber in his cabin in Montana; he was arrested and issued 4 life sentences in prison. Kaczynski’s attacks ended with a count of 6 bombs sent, and 3 people fell fatally victim to his attacks.

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