The murder of John Lennon by Mark David Chapman

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The Murder of John Lennon by Mark David Chapman

One of the most famous murders in American history was the murder of John Lennon. Lennon was a famous musician in one of the most successful bands in history, the Beatles. Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman outside of the Dakota apartments in New York City in December 1980.

Mark David Chapman, grew up in a home in which the father was abusive to both him and his mother. Chapman’s high school career included many negative influences such as drug use, skipping class, and bullying. In 1971, Chapman proclaimed that he had become Presbyterian and lived by the Bible.

Chapman would go on to work at a YMCA camp in which he experienced popularity and recognition for doing his job exceedingly well. Chapman’s friend recommended the book The Cather in the Rye to him and he eventually wanted to mold his life into the protagonist of the novel’s life.

It seemed that Chapman had successfully turned his life around, was on a positive path, and was going to succeed in life. He enrolled in college, but only for a short period of time as his fell behind academically.

Following his dropping up and break up with his girlfriend, he would eventually attempt suicide in Hawaii. Chapman grew to become obsessive following his work stints at a hospital and as a security guard. One of those obsessions was John Lennon.

The motive

Mark David Chapman was a huge fan of the Beatles, particularly Lennon. Following his religious experience, Chapman became angry that John Lennon for his comment that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.

People within Chapman’s circle of communication were baffled at how mad Chapman was at Lennon, and Chapman believed that Lennon was guilty of blasphemy.

The Murder Act

Chapman had a large list of potential candidates for him to murder, but that Lennon was seemingly the easiest to find. On December 8th of 1980, Chapman staked out of the Dakota, where Lennon lived, and waited for him to come down.

Chapman shook Lennon’s hand and got his autograph on Lennon’s way out of the apartment. Once Lennon returned, Chapman fired at Lennon 5 times, and Lennon was killed instantly. Chapman remained at the scene and was reading Catcher in the Rye until police arrived.


An Interview With Mark David Chapman

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