Thuan Van Tran – The longest Prison Sentence

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One of the Longest Prison Sentences in Mississippi in Recent Time

u.s. prisonOne of Mississippi’s largest cities produced one of the longest prison sentences of recent Mississippi criminal history. In an increasing effort to combat the war on drugs in the United States, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics was established to maintain control in their state over that very issue. In 2010, Thuan Van Tran, of Biloxi, was sentenced to 60 years in prison as a result of large -scale drug distribution.

Biloxi is one of Mississippi’s largest contributors to the state economy through its popular waterfront casinos, but unfortunately, that nature of industry commonly brings along undocumented economic activity that is often a negative impact on the city.

An investigation was launched in 2008, as undercover law enforcement began to purchase drugs from Thuan Van Tran. The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics sent an undercover agent to purchase drugs for a three month period in which he was wired with equipment to capture audio as well as frequently utilizing video technology. The total purchased from Tran total thousands over five purchases.

During a staged sixth sale, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics arrested Thuan Van Tran during a sale that was supposed to total $11,000. Because of the large quantity of drugs that Tran was caught moving and intending to move, he was labeled by law enforcement as a drug kingpin.

His range of distribution and sources included California and Georgia on top of Mississippi. He was charged with two counts of ecstasy distribution and was issued a 60-year sentence, in which 20 years would be potentially knocked off.


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